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    Paul established an international reputation as a photographer in the 1980s with exhibitions at The National Portrait Gallery, London, The Biblioteque Nationale in Paris, The Witkin Gallery in New York and numerous other US and European venues.


    His photographic and painting work is held by: The Department of the Environment, The Arts Council of Great Britain, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Portrait Gallery London, The Tate Gallery, The Biblioteque Nationale and his Welsh Archive has just been acquired by The National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.


    His work as an artist has been acknowledged in recent years with exhibitions in both the UK and US, and paintings of his have been acquired by, amongst others, Quentin Tarantino, Dennis Hopper and the author Michael Connelly.

He also exhibited in Santa Monica, California a show curated by the late Dennis Hopper, “Hollywoodland”.

                His photographic subjects include:


Samuel Beckett                                                     Max Wall
Quentin Tarantino                                           Robert Altman
Steven Soderbergh                                             David Lynch
Robert Wise                                                 Edward Dmytryk
Dennis Hopper                                                  Carl Franklin
Bryan Singer                                            Bernardo Bertolucci
Istvan Szabo                                                       Liv Ullman
Delphyne Seyrig                                              Fernando Rey
Dirk Bogarde                                                   Dean Stanton
Malcolm McDowell                                         Arthur C. Clarke
Sophia Loren                                                     Jane Fonda
Robert Redford                                     Francis Ford Coppola
Johnny Cash                                                     Willy Nelson
Kris Kristofferson                                                 Peter Falk
Joan Baez                                                        Jeff Bridges
Sam Shepard                                                      Ry Cooder

Sophia Loren - Geneva 1995

Jane Fonda as 'Barbarella' - Rome 1968

Samuel Beckett

Ry Cooder