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Following the successful screening last year on BBC 4 of Lucida Production’s full-length documentary portrait of Britain’s most prestigious contemporary composer, and Master of The Queen’s Music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, 
Lucida are planning to begin two further documentary projects on controversial subjects. Currently we are filming a hi-definition series on artists working with traditional materials.

Lucida is now in the final stages of preparing a number of its archive documentaries for transmission by SkyArts, with whom we have collaborated in the past on “Hockney on Photography” which was the last film we delivered to them.

Paul divides his time between his company activities, initiating and overseeing productions, and his work as an art photographer and painter.

Meanwhile one of Paul’s long-time collaborators, the film editor Michael Bradsell, has completed a 30 minute film portrait of Paul’s work as an artist. Parts of this hi-definition production are now on the website.

In November 2010 Paul visited Venice (Italy) for the first time, not without some trepidation, as he was very conscious of the tradition of great artists who had “broken their brushes” on the back of that elusive city. And so, for the last eighteen months, Paul has been working with traditional materials, canvas, linen and oil paints, assembling enough pictures to be able to mount a show.




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