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  • 2009: Entire Lucida Archive of over 30 films acquired bySkyArts for future broadcast.

  • Master of The Queen’s Musick, a profile of composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. Currently shooting: the company’s first High-Definition Production.

  • 2008: Hockney on Photography with David Hockney, William Boyd, Marco Livingstone, etc. 52 mins, 16:9 digibeta. Hockney talks about his 40 year love affair with photography. For transmisssion by SkyArts in their late autumn (2009)  schedule.

  • 2006/7: Completion of re-editing Lucida Kubrick Archive for DVD release on Warner Bros Home Video label. ( 3x 60 min films on ‘A Clockwork Orange’; ‘2001,‘Eyes Wide Shut’)

  • 2005: Restoration for Warner Brothers ofTHE DEVILS”: DIRECTORS CUT, this full version having its world premiere at The National Film Theatre, London on November 23rd 2004. Currently Lucida is commissioned by Warner Bros to produce additional material for world-wide DVD release.

  • 2003: Mantrap (STRAW DOGS 30 years on) with Dustin Hoffman, Susan George, Katy Haber,  Peter Vaughan, TP McKenna, David Warner, Martin Baum, Dan Melnick, Dennis Hopper, Ken Hyman, Isela Vega and Premiere on Film Four Extreme, March 8th. 50 mins.

  • 2002: Hell on Earth: The Desecration and Reconstruction of Ken Russells THE DEVILS: with Vanessa Redgrave, Dudley Sutton, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Nigel Floyd, Alexander Walker and Ken Russell.  Channel Four November 25th 50 mins.

  • 2002:  The Curious Case of Inspector Clouseau  with Herbert Lom; Burt Kwouk; William Peter Blatty; Dyan Cannon; Elke Somer; Sir Jonathan Miller; Graham Stark; Robert Loggia; Tony Adams; Mark Kermode and Alexander Walker. C4 June 22nd.

  • 2001: The Making of a Myth with James Cameron; Sir Arthur C Clarke; Professor Camille Paglia; Keir Dullea; Elvis Mitchell; Douglas Trumbull, etc. C4 Jan 13th. 60 mins.   

  • The Return ofA Clockwork Orange a 50 minute film on the UK re-release of  Kubrick’s movie. Sam Mendes; Professor Camille Paglia; William Boyd; Damien Hirst; Tony Kaye.

  • 1999:  Stanley Kubrick: The Last Movie  a 50 minute documentary covering the last decade of Kubricks life, culminating in Eyes Wide Shut. With Steven Speilberg; Tom Cruise; Nicole Kidman; Sydney Pollack; Terry Semel; John Boorman and the Kubrick family.

  • 1997: Adviser to The Disney Corporation during the remake of The Parent Trap  with Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid.

  • 1996:  Stanley Kubrick: The Invisible Man  The first major documentary on this most elusive genius. With: Ken Adam; Anthony Burgess; Garrett Brown; Arthur C Clarke; Kirk Douglas; Shelley Duvall; Lee Ermey; James B Harris; Michael Herr; Diane Johnson; Malcolm McDowell; Matthew Modine; Len Rosenman; Bryan Singer; David Thomson and Jonathan Pryce.
    16mm, 52 mins.

  • Robert Altman: Giggle and Give in.  A survey of a quintessentially American talent.
    With: Shelley Duvall; Elliot Gould, Alan Rudolph, Joan Tewkesbury and Robert Altman. 52 mins.
    At the London Film Festival in October, Paul introduced and moderated at Robert Altman’s Masterclass at The Odeon Leicester Square.


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