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   Paul Joyce has forged an international reputation in the fields of film-making, photography and painting over the last three decades.


    His company, Lucida Productions, is widely recognised as one of the foremost U.K. producers of arts documentaries, and their films have been the subject of over a dozen film festivals.


    As a photographer he has shown widely in Europe and America, with work in many of the major institutions, collections and museums in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and the US.


    As a painter he has also frequently exhibited in the UK and US, with a number of the rich and famous having acquired evidence of his talent for their walls.


    As a writer and photographer he has collaborated on two books with Britain’s favourite artist,

David Hockney, and has also published a monograph of Welsh landscapes.

     Through this website you will be able to choose the particular career path (film-making, or photography and art) that interests you most, and which you would care to follow in greater detail.


      Paul is extremely happy to receive, and respond to,

feedback on any of the subjects or topics that you find on his site.

Also, he very much welcomes new collaborations in any of these fields in which his experience and creativity may be brought to bear.


      Lucida Productions has a number of films in the shooting and

pre-production stages and Paul - the artist - is working on a

major show of Venice paintings.

Paul, by David Hockney